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Bernedoodle Moms



Charlie is a F1 mini bernedoodle. She weighs 45lbs and has passed her health clearances. Charlie is a sweet as they come and we are excited to see her tiny bernedoodles. Charlie is very gentle and a wonderful family dog. She resides with an amazing guardian home!



Merlot is a wonderful addition to our program. She is a small standard merle tri color poodle. She has a wonderful personality and loves to cuddle. Her guardian home absolutely adores her and we cannot wait to see her amazing traditional tri color and merle tri color puppies.  Merlot has passed her health clearances with flying colors. 



Stella is a F1b mini bernedoodle. Stella is extremely sweet and laid back. Stella has already had her genetic health testing completed as well as her OFAs. Stella will produce beautiful multigenerational tiny bernedoodles. Stella lives with her guardian parents and sister Scout who is also a guardian momma!



Pepper will be a momma to our F1b tiny bernedoodles with possible blue eyes! Pepper is a sweet girl who lives in a guardian home not far from us with a good friend of ours. Pepper has completed full obedience training. She lives with young kids and other pets. Peppers puppies will come in merle and tri color!



Lucy is your typical happy, go-lucky, loving bernese mountain dog. She loves to be outside and play with her golden retriever brother. Lucy loves everyone and has the personality we look for in our bernese. She lives in a guardian home near Columbus and has passed all of her health certs. 



Scout is just as sweet as she is gorgeous. She is a F1b mini bernedoodle. Scout lives in a guardian home here in Ohio with her sister Stella who is also one of our bernedoodle mommas. She is very loving and loves to cuddle up next to you. Scout will have gorgeous multigenerational tiny bernedoodles.



Basil is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet! She is a petite bernese mountain dog at only about 60lbs. She is a very calm and quiet girl. She lives with a guardian home in Indiana.  Basil has passed her health testing with flying colors. We will breed Basil for F1 mini bernedoodles.



Java is one of our petite berner girls that will have amazing mini bernedoodles. She is extremely friendly and loves everyone she meets. Java loves nothing more than to lean against your for pets. She lives with her wonderful guardian home here in Ohio. 



Harper is a wonderful F1 small standard Bernedoodles. She is an absolute sweetheart and always in a good mood but also loves to cuddle. Harper will be bred for F1b mini Bernedoodles. She has passed all of her health certs.



Olive is an absolutely stunning bernese mountain dog. She has a wonderful blocky build that is desired in the breed. Olive is a quite girl who loves to be outside. She lives in a guardian home in Indiana and we cannot wait to see her puppies in the near future. 



Ellie is our most petite bernese momma making her excellent for mini bernedoodles! Her guardian family describes her as very loving, calm, and cuddly. Her tail never stops wagging and she is a favorite in the neighborhood. Ellie will hopefully produce wonderful mannered puppies after her health clearances are complete. 



Chloe is a F1 mini bernedoodle. She is very smart and on the way to earning her canine good citizen award. Chloe is goofy and loving and will do anything for a belly rub. She will be a momma to our F1b tiny bernedoodles once she passes her health testing. Chloe lives in a guardian home. 



Nala is one of the calmest poodles you will ever meet. Which is a big attribute we look for in all of our poodle parents to produce the best tempered puppies. She is very affectionate and loves her humans. Nala has amazing sable standard Bernedoodles. She has passed all of her health clearances. 



Mia has a very similar description to Grace and that is because they are litter mates. Mia is very calm and sweet and loves her humans like all bernese. Mia lives in a guardian home in Columbus with one of our former bernedoodle puppies! They get along great and have a hilarious instagram page together.



Josie is one of our homebred girls! She is the daughter of Hazel and has inherited many of Hazel's amazing attributes. Josie is a sweet and quiet girl who loves to cuddle. She has been an absolutely amazing momma to her first litter and her puppies are GORGEOUS! Josie will have F1b tiny bernedoodles in red and tri color. 



Bailey is our up and coming mini bernedoodle momma. Bailey is a rare bernese mountain dog with a blue eye which means her puppies could have blue eyes as well! Bailey's guardian home describes her as "the sweetest dog!". We cant wait to see her mini bernedoodle pups soon!



Phoebe is our upcoming mini bernedoodle momma. Phoebe is a bernese mountain dog who lives with one of our current guardian dogs "Olive". Phoebe is a typical bernese with a sweet and silly nature about her. She has lots of land to run and play on with her sister and loves to be outside. Phoebe will have tri color mini bernedoodles!

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