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Training Programs

Don't have the time to train your puppy yourself? Let us do it for you! We have different options for our "Turnkey Puppy" programs. A turnkey puppy is a puppy that has already gone through basic training to make your life easier with the transition of a new member of your family. We have two different options for this program. Please email us if you are interested in a Turnkey Puppy.


Basic Turnkey Program $9,000 total price and 2nd pick of the litter 

With our basic turnkey program, your puppy with stay with us until he/she is 12-14 weeks of age and will come to you knowing the basics including:

  • crate training

  • house training

  • leash walking

  • socialization 

  • introduction to new places. Please keep in mind we can only take them certain places that we know are safe to take puppies that have not completed their vaccines. 

Advanced Turnkey Program $13,000 total price and 1st pick of the litter

With our advanced turnkey program, your puppy will stay with us until he/she is 4-5 months of age and will come to you knowing the following:

  • crate training

  • house training

  • basic commands such as: sit, down, come, and stay

  • leash walking

  • tons of extra socialization

  • introduction to new places such as stores and high traffic areas such as farmers markets.

  • training around young children and elderly 

  • training around other dogs 

*Payment is due in full when puppies are 8 weeks of age to begin training programs*

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