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*Deposits are $300 going toward the total purchase price. They are non-refundable but may be transferred to another litter. Picks are made upon the order deposits are received. Puppy picks are made at 4 weeks of age and individual videos will be sent out of the available puppies. Each family will have 24 hours to make their pick.  Deposits will not be refunded for ANY circumstance, including a dog not getting pregnant. Photos are updated once every 1-2 weeks beginning at 1 week of age. Please refrain from asking for extra photos/videos. These are very time consuming and we have a family, home, and moms and babies we are caring for not to mention LOTS of cleaning :) we promise to show off our babies are much as possible!
- Standard  $3700
-Medium $4200 (mediums are the same cost as minis due to the fact that they have to be bred artificially making breeding costs more expensive.) 

-Mini $4200
-Tiny $4500


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