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We now have a page completely dedicated to the food we feed with information and how to order. This food is ONLY available through the pawTree website. There is also a direct link below: 


Treats will also be available through the same company as the food we feed! 


Crate training is a HUGE tool when potty training. We highly recommend crate training your new puppy. We recommend a wire crate with a divider for your crate that the puppy will be sleeping in. Always make sure the crate comes with a divider. You only want your puppy to have enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down. If you give them more room than this, they will use one part for a potty area and the other for sleeping. For mini bernedoodles we recommend the 36 inch wire crate and for standards we recommend the 48 inch version. 



Bernedoodles love their toys! Pretty much any toy is fine for a bernedoodle but please remember to always have a close eye on your puppy with toys. Left unattended, you puppy could chew up a toy, swallow it, and end up with an obstruction. We love these "unstuffed toys". You can find them at most pet stores.


Puppies chew, A LOT! We love elk or deer antlers for our dogs and puppies and they love them too. They are a little on the expensive side, but last forever! You can get them at most pet stores, amazon, and online companies. These are also a safe item that can be left in the crate with your puppy as they don't break down even for the strongest chewers! 


Collar or Harness?

This is all personal preference. I personally prefer a collar for my dogs. However, harnesses have become very popular recently. Whichever you choose, make sure it is fit properly so your dog cannot pull out of it. For collars, we prefer a "martingale" style as the dog cannot get out of this style.

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